Low Profile Vitamix Blender 7500





The new Vitamix low profile, variable speed blender comes in 3 colors, Black, White and Red.

The variable speed knob and pulse switch on the Vitamix blender makes blending anything easy. The motor packs 2.2 horse power.

The Vitamix 64 oz jar is BPA free and made of Eastman Tritan Copolyester and is virtually unbreakable.

If you really want a blender that will work hard for you and last, then you need to read more about the Vitamix 7500 Low Profile Blender from VeggieSensations.


Steam JuicerThe Victorio Steam Juicer is a great multi purpose steam juicer. It is not only a steam juicer, it is a stock pot, vegetable steamer, and colander.

You can turn berries, tomatoes and other fruits into a concentrate that can be used for making jelly, syrups and juice concentrate with the steam juicer.

Use the Victorio Steam Juicer from extracting juice in the summer and fall. Then in the winter use the colander for rinsing fruits & vegetable and draining pasta and the stock pot form making soups and stews.

I like the fact that it is all stainless steel and the drain tube is made of heat resistant,  food safe, surgical plastic.  The stock pot base has an encapsulated bottom for even  heat. This steam juicer can be used on any type of stove top.

You can get started as soon as you receive your it because the included instruction book has some recipes.  You also get a 5 year warranty backed by Victorio.

What are you waiting for? Order now from VeggieSensations and have fun juicing fruits, berries and tomatoes with out having to strain out the skin and seeds.

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Excalibur Dehydrator 10EXCL

Excalibur DehydratorNEW as of mid year 2014! The Excalibur Dehydrator 10EXCL has stainless steel on both the interior and exterior and 10 stainless steel mesh trays. Yes, you get 10 trays with this fantastic machine!

The double doors are made of armored glass and they swing open like French doors for easy access to the stainless steel trays. These doors are unique to the Excalibur Dehydrator 10EXCL.

The timer on this Excalibur Dehydrator will automatically turn the machine off when the set time is up.

Call VeggieSensations for your special price on this fantastic dehydrating machine. Plus you will get free shipping and a Free Preserve It Naturally Book with your order!

Read more and order

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Kuvings NEW Slow Juicer

slow juicerIn the second quarter of 2014 Kuvings released their new B6000PR slow juicer.

This slow juicer sports a beautiful  pearl red color.

It not only looks nice in any kitchen it comes with an added large hole screen for making smoothies. Add frozen fruits to the slow juicer and out comes a cream smoothie. The included small hole screen is for removing most of the pulp from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Every slow juicer should have a smart cap. The B6000PR does. The smart cap holds the juice in until you are ready to release the juice into your cup.

Another great feature of this slow juicer is it will juice a whole apple with out having to cut it.  The 3 inch wide mouth makes it easy to juice many fruits as long as they don’t have a large pit like peaches. Apple seeds will be ejected from the slow juicer along with the skin and pulp.

You also get a cleaning tool and a blank dessert maker.

This Kuvings B6000PR is a top of the line juicing machine. Save money by entering “save” in the coupon code box on the product page.

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Best Fermenting Pot For Making Sauerkraut

Making SaueerkrautSome people like a Polish and some like a German Fermenting Crock Pot for making sauerkraut.  I like a handmade pot made from a slab of clay.

The most sought after pots for making sauerkraut are the Schmitt and Boleslawiec

So which is made from a slab of clay? The Boleslawilec Pots are.  The Schmitt pots are made from a clay slurry poured into a mold.  This can cause uneven walls. But the Schmitt pots generally cost less than the Boleslawiec pots. Both are great for making sauerkraut and pickles.

Read our article “Best Fermenting Pot for Making Sauerkraut”  to learn more about both of these high quality fermenting crock pots and gain information that will help you decide which size of pot you need.

making sauerkraut


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Choosing a Fruit Leather Dehydrator

Fruit Leather DehydratorA fruit leather dehydrator can be any food dehydrator except you need to have fruit roll sheets to spread the pureed ingredients on while drying.

If you don’t have a food dehydrator and you want a fruit leather dehydrator, take inconsideration if the machine comes with jelly roll sheets or if you have to buy them separately. Most food dehydrators do not come with jelly roll sheets and some come with only 1 or a few.

I suggest you choose the high quality machine for your fruit leather dehydrator needs and buy a few jelly roll sheets as needed.  When you buy a drying machine you are not going to use it exclusively as a fruit leather dehydrator.  You will use some of those shelve for drying pieces of fruits and vegetables too.

There are many different manufacturers of machines that make a great fruit leather dehydrator. I suggest you choose the manufacturer you like, the price of machine you can afford and purchase the quantity of fruit leather dehydrator sheets you need either when you buy your machine or when you can afford to buy more.  The fruit leather machine is the most important investment you will be making and the jelly roll sheets, although are important, they are the least expensive purchase you will be making when choosing a machine that is good for a fruit leather dehydrator.

I suggest you read more about buying a fruit leather dehydrator machine and which brands I recommend for making fruit leather with in our Fruit Leather Dehydrator article.

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Juicing for weight loss

juicing for weight lossWhen juicing for weight loss you want to concentrate more on juicing vegetables. So you need a juicer that can juice wheatgrass, kale and celery.

There are centrifugal and auger juicers to choose from when juicing for weight loss. I personally do not suggest an upright auger juicer if you want to juice stringy foods like celery, kale and wheatgrass.  An upright auger juicer can juice these items, but you have to cut them into small pieces and you may have to stop part way through juicing to remove the string pulp from the outlet hole.

Centrifugal juicers will will juice fast and are noisy. Horizontal auger juicers juice a little slower, but the are very efficient at juicing stringy vegetables when juicing for weight loss. the bonus with a horizontal auger when juicing for weight loss, you can make frozen desserts from frozen fruits.

I suggest you read more about choosing a juicer for the purpose of juicing for weight loss in our article “Juicing For Weight Loss | Choosing a Juicer” and to purchase a juicer.

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Buy Coffee Online

buy coffee onlineSure it is easy to buy coffee at the grocery store, but have you tried 135 different flavors of coffee or coffee from exotic locations like India or Papua New Guinea? You should break out of your routine and buy coffee online at VeggieSensations.com.

You can buy coffee online and save on shipping when you buy 2 or more bags shipping to one location.

If you drank a different flavor of coffee each week from VeggieSensations, it would take you 2 1/2 years to taste them all. That is not counting our selection of gourmet coffees from around the world.  When you buy coffee online from VeggieSensations you can choose from drip grind, French press, whole beans and in our gourmet varieties you can also get it in espresso grind.

We invite you to read more or see our selection to buy coffee online.

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Nesco FD-2000 Dehydrator

NescoNescoThe year 2014 started off well for Nesco with the introduction of their new FD-2000 square food dehydrator. The FD-2000 has many great features at a comparatively low price.

The Nesco FD-2000 has 6 trays, each with their own mesh screen for drying small pieces. It also comes with 2 expansion trays that are open in the middle. These trays allow you to dry tall items like crafts and flowers.

Made from ABS plastic, the Nesco FD-2000 is BPA free.  Each tray will dry 1.25 square feet of food.

This Nesco dehydrator has an easy to read LED digital display. You can adjust the temperature between 95 and 160 degrees from the controls on the front of the machine. The auto shut off timer can be set to turn off between 1 and 24 hours. The air filter is an added bonus you don’t find on any other food dehydrator. The air filter can be washed and reused.

Learn more about the FD-2000 dehydrator and be sure to enter the code “nesco” in the coupon box when purchasing from VeggieSensations for a discount.

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Vitamix Promotion Code

Vitamix Promotion CodeDid you know VeggieSensations has a Vitamix promotion code.  You can save money when you purchase a Vitamix with our Vitamix p0romotion code “vitamix”. Just put the word “vitamix” into the Coupon Box before adding the Vtamix blender to the shopping cart.

Besides getting a discount with the purchase of a Vitamix with this coupon from VeggieSensations you also get free shipping with in the continental United States.  No Vitamix promotion code is necessary for free shipping with your Vitamix purchase.

If you have any questions about our great offer you can read more in our Vitamix Promotion Code article or call us toll free at 866-469-7417. You can also click on links in our Vitamix Promotion Code article to read more about each Vitamix blender.

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