Vitamix Blender

vitamixThe Vitamix Blender makes smoothies in a snap.  I made this Pomegranates in the Black Forest Smoothie in a Vitamix Variable Speed Blender.

The Vitamix  Variable Speed is easy to use and is very versatile. You choose which speed you want the it to go. Make smoothies, sauces, knead dough and so much more with this fantastic Blender.

You will get 3 free gifts when  you purchase a Vitamix Variable speed blender from  One is a live Fresh Cookbook with hundreds of  recipes. You also get a free “Let’s Get Started” tutorial DVD and a 100% hemp nut milk bag for making nut milks.

Call 866-469-7417 to get you special price!

Where to Buy Espresso Beans

espresso beansHome brewed espresso is growing in popularity. All you need is a machine and espresso beans. We have both ground and whole beans. If you buy whole beans you can grind the amount you need and save the remaining in an air tight container in your pantry. The ground is perfect for an espresso machine.

What makes espresso beans so special? It’s in the grind. Espresso beans are ground much finer than drip coffee. In fact they are ground to a fine powder.

Choose espresso beans from Africa, Brazil, Colombia,Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Panama, Papua New Guinea and various regions like Sumatra, Kenya and Tanzania.  You can even get decaffeinated beans from Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Kenya, Mexico and Sumatra.

Be adventurism, try coffee beans from a country you have never tasted before.

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VitaClayMade from all natural Zisha clay, the VitaClay cooker pot is rich in minerals and free of chemicals. No lead and no non stick coating, the VitaClay cooker produces healthy rice, slow cooked foods and Greek yogurt.

The amazing thing about the VitaClay is the pot is alkaline. The clay interacts with foods that are acidic making them neutral in pH. An alkaline to neutral pH diet is the healthiest diet you can eat.

The clay pot retains moisture and heats evenly.  Your food will not burn on the bottom because it heats the whole pot and not just the bottom.

Enjoy the 30 recipes that are included with the VitaClay machine and make your own favorite recipes too.

Don’t forget to use the coupon code “vitaclay” to save money when purchasing one from

Best Rated Pressure Cooker

Best Rated Pressure CookerThe best rated pressure cooker on the market is the 8 quart Fissler Vitaquick. Tested by Americas Test Kitchen.

Why is the 8qt Fissler Vitaquick the best rated pressure cooker? The constructions, quality of the materials, ventless system and the lifetime warranty.

Fissler 8 qt Vitaquick earned the title of the best rated pressure cooker because of it’s extremely thick, 9 inch, encapsulated bottom made from stainless steel with an aluminum core.   The 9 inch bottom on a large burner well increase the pressure and makes the boiling point to be 250 degrees.  High heat equals high pressure which equals faster cooking time.

This best rate pressure cooker is made from extremely thick stainless steel. Plus, the pressure indicator pops up high enough to be seen from a distance.

The most exciting thing about this best rated pressure cooker is it is quiet and does not expel steam.  That is right! It seals tightly to increase pressure with out releasing any water. It cooks with out loosing any of the moisture inside of the pot.

My choice is the best rated pressure cooker by Fissler.  It is an investment that will pay off because you will never buy another pressure cooker again. So why buy second rate when the best rated pressure cooker really is the best.

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Which Vitamix to Buy

which Vitamix to BuyVitamix make a 2 speed and a variable speed model. So which Vitamix to buy?

I personally prefer the variable speed model. I like to have more options than high and low. When crushing ice the low is great.  High is good for pureeing foods for sauces and baby food. But, if you want to mix cake batter a medium speed is best. The variable speed is also good for kneading small batches of bread or pizza dough.

If you want a discount on either the 2 speed or variable speed Vitamix blender I suggest you call at 866-469-7417 to get a discount code.

So which Vitamix to buy for your self? It is basically personal preference, but I still like the variable speed Vitamix.

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Nesco DehydratorWOW, Look What’s New in 2014! The Nesco Food Dehydrator FD77DT is the first of it’s kind in the Nesco line of dehydrators.  It has a timer that will turn of when it hits the time you set it for.  You can set the timer to turn off in up to 24 hours. The Nesco dehydrator comes with drying 4 trays. You can purchase more trays to expanded it up to 12 trays high. It also comes with 1 Clean-a-Screen, 1 Fruit Roll Sheet and a pack of Jerky Spice.  You can also purchase extra Clean-a-Screens and 1 Fruit Roll Sheets.

This Nesco Dehydrator operates with the patented Converga-Flow system Nesco Dehydrator machines are well know for. The air flows down the sides of the inner chamber, across each tray and converges in the center of the Nesco dehydrator.

All Nesco dehydrator machines are priced economically for home use.

Nesco Dehydrator


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Olympus Juice Press

Olympus Juice PressIf you want a juice press that can juice small and large citrus fruits, has room for a tall collection glass and will last for a long time, you want the Olympus Juice Press.

I like the Olympus Juice Press because it is so durable. It is approved for use in a restaurants.  This juice press has a very stable base with suction cup feet.

You can rapidly squeeze a wide variety of citrus fruits with the Olympus juicer. Just cut the fruit in half, put the cut side over the cone and pull the handle down. The mechanism operates with a 3 pinion system to get the maximum amount of juice possible.

The body of the juice press resists corrosion. The cone removes for easy cleaning. I like any thing that is easy to clean.

The Olympus Juicer allows some pulp to flow into your collection cup, but, not a lot.  I think it makes a perfect cup of orange juice.

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Raw Food Diet

raw food dietDo you eat a raw food diet? Or are you interested in learning more about a raw food diet?  There are many books on the market to help you learn more about a raw food diet and cookbooks with amazing recipes to either get you started or to expand your raw recipe selection.

Choose from educational books like Becoming Raw, books with tips and trick for making your raw meals quickly and with ease like Raw Food Made Easy and cookbooks that include breakfast, lunch, dinner, parties and desserts like The Complete Book of Raw Food and Raw for Dessert.

Enjoy fresh ingredients like avocado, nuts, dates, raw pizza, lasagna, breads, muffins, crackers, salads, salad dressings, soups, smoothies and so much more.

You may even loose weight and gain better health eating a raw food diet. These books offer a balance of nutrient packed recipes.

Whether you want to go totally raw or you want add new raw recipes to your diet, these books have many recipes to offer.


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Making Saurkraut in a Boleslawiec Crock Pot

making sauerkrautThe Boleslawiec Crock pot is ideal for making sauerkraut because it has a water reservoir in the rim.  This reservoir is very important.  The fermenting process of making sauerkraut produces carbon dioxide.  Mold can not grow  when it is exposed to carbon dioxide, but it can grow if it is exposed to oxygen.  The idea is to prevent oxygen from getting into the crock pot.  The water reservoir prevents oxygen from entering the pot.  Carbon dioxide is heaver than oxygen and it pushes the lighter oxygen out of the pot during the fermenting process. The water reservoir allows the oxygen to escape with out room air entering and when there is no more oxygen inside the pot the excess carbon dioxide will also escape. A dry reservoir will allow oxygen to enter.  We don’t want that to happen.

Homemade sauerkraut contains live enzymes that canned sauerkraut does not have. Canned sauerkraut is pasteurized to kill any bad bacteria that may have entered the can during the canning process. Pasteurization is when a food has been heated to more than 120 degrees to kill bacteria. The problem is temperatures above 120 degrees also kill the live enzymes that are important to good digestion.  Any fruit or vegetable that is heated above 120 degrees is no long raw.  When making sauerkraut at home, you need to use clean jars for storage. You can either store the filled jars in the refrigerator or in your room temperature pantry for

I like the Boleslawiec pots better than the Schmitt pots because they are made from a slab of clay.  The Schmitt pot is made from a slurry poured into a mold.  The walls of the Boleslawiec pots are a more even thickness than the pots that are made in a mold. The Boleslawiec are made in Poland and the Schmitt are made in Germany.  They both have a water reservoir, 2 piece weight stone and lid.

For pricing and to order either the Boleslawiec or the Schmitt pots for making sauerkraut and pickles visit

Lexen Electric Wheatgrass Juicer

Do you want a wheatgrass juicer that the motor is guarantee for 50 years.  The Lexen Wheatgrass juicer is just what you are looking for. It has a stainless steel drive shaft and polycarbonate plastic parts.

This wheatgrass juicer will also juice fruits and vegetables. It will extrude pasta dough into spaghetti, linguini and rigatoni. It comes with a 20 ounce juice collection cup, a pulp collection cup, a stainless steel sieve, a wrench for tightening the end cap and a recipe booklet.

The homogenizing feature will make baby food and nut butters like cashew and peanut butters. You can also make creamy frozen desserts. Run frozen fruits like bananas, strawberries, blueberries and more through the machine to get a delicious cold dessert or snack.

The sieve will remove all of the pulp or leave the sieve off of the juice collection cup for juice with some pulp.

It comes with 2 augers.  The white one is for juicing fruits and vegetables while the green one is for juicing wheat grass, kale and celery.

This fantastic machine has a handle on the top of the motor for easy carrying.

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